Our Misson

NTP has optimized the scalability of NOx generation using non thermal plasma for residential, commercial and industrial use. Using water, combined with air and a small amount of power, NTP creates NOx to over 2500 ppm per liter of water per hour. The NTP system allows for distributed and onsite fertilizer production for direct application versus the expense incurred from hauling and storing volatile fertilizer salts to their final destinations.

Fertilizer sales were just under $200 billion in 2019. Increased population equates to higher food demand and therefore more nitrogen based fertilizer. Environmentally friendly fertilizer is inevitable. NTP will move the needle.

Meet Our Team

John Ireland


Serial Entrepreneur, MIT MBA, Brown ScM Chemical Engineering, Startup Mentor

Paul Murphy


President Sterile Lab Designs, 25 years of operations, management, and sales experience

Bryan Welling

Chief Development Officer

Ag Consultant, manufacturing, design, controls, core development

Our Technology

The NTP Technology addresses all the problems associated with the use of synthetic nitrogen because the NOx compounds produced by NTP Technologies are vastly different. They will not harm soil biology which would otherwise lead to the loss of fertility and provide a >90% uptake efficiency by the target crop due to unbound NOx compounds in NEWfertilizer™ (Nitrogen Enriched Water) and Plasma Activated Water (PAW™) vastly improving all aspects of plant growth rate efficiency. Our products are PERFECT for use with hydroponic, aeroponic as well as soil based growing methods.


The NTP Technology is a game-changer in the field of non-thermal plasma water treatment and the production of NEWfertilizer™ and Plasma Activated Water (PAW™). There will be no hauling volatile and explosive materials thousands of miles. We have several different non-thermal plasma technologies that fall into two major categories. 

Each technology is scalable for different applications and can be further enhanced using advanced methodologies

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